These handsome Californian lads are quickly making a name for themselves with their exciting brand of pop-rock, full of catchy hooks and lovely melodies. Their addictive songs will get under your skin and into your heart.” 
– MTV Iggy

“This band has hit on something that potentially has massively broad appeal”
– Blurt

“Some of the catchiest, most danceable Rock N Roll of the year.” 
– Wildy’s World

“It is no wonder the Californian quartet has made a splash on the music scene garnering major attention.”
-Eat Sleep Breathe Music, Unsigned Artist of the Week

“Addictively catchy melodies swirl with a light hearted and fun-time attitude…soundtrack for summer fun.”
– The Ripple Effect

“You kick yourself for wondering how you missed talent like this for so long.“
-Flak Behind the Hype

“Top shelf music that should help make this band a household name all across the U.S. real soon.”
-Indie Music Stop

“It gives me the urge to jump up and down, dancing with friends under the summer sun.” 
-Music Box

“Lust Machines: Loomis & The Lust will definitely set fire to your feet.” 

“Sounding well beyond their years, LATL sound like they’ve been rocking out for two decades which in fact is about how old they actually are. Embracing classic pop hooks, cranking it up to ten, throwing in a bit of soul, and then coating it in a sheen of brilliance, LATL make Nagasha a classic power pop record without even trying.” 
-POP! Stereo Review

“Their lighthearted, catchy, almost addictive melodies really sets them apart from the crowd and makes you wonder why they haven’t made the top ten yet!” 
-Gulf Coast Music Review

“Pop-rock Cali quartet Loomis & The Lust produced a parcel of clever, catchy songs that equates sonic Super Glue…. Loomis obviously perceives—and possesses—the recipe for colossal success. They’re pretty cute, too.” 
– Billboard Discoveries

“It’s called Nagasha and it flat out moves! The music is packed with a great mixture of distorted and clean toned guitars, solid drum work and in-the-pocket bass groove, and melodic vocals that steer clear of the whining, sniveling sound from most of the current pop rock bands assailing our senses. They travel a poppy road with a touch of harder edged rock, but by no means veering into the lanes of oncoming metal. Addictively catchy melodies swirl with a light hearted.